Diary of a Wedding Planner:Holiday Seasons

Monday, 25 October 2010

Hallos! Its another entry from my very random diary, thanks for reading!

So,I'm really starting to 'hate' the holiday seasons especially Christmas.Everyone gets rather excited, people are coming in, Lagos is buzzin',so many parties to go to attend, so many people to see but guess what? it is the opposite for me, all I see and do is work! Work!! Work!!!,
Not complaining but I do miss the days of having fun at Christmas time. I am usually a scarce commodity for the past four years, Christmas has not been mine, and it’s either one event or another to plan and coordinate. Don’t even  let me talk about New Years day, it’s the same = all work and no fun!  Although I and my team are at parties/events with lots of food and good music, we still can't let loose because  in your subconscious, you know it really is a work function.

The quirky thing is that for all the public holidays and weeekends padded around the actual Christmas/New Year (or even Easter), brides and clients, think-"hmmn, it means people will be free and traffic might be light, lets fix our events for those dates".There goes my chilling at home or catching up with friends who I haven't seen in ages.I have- when I'm not attending marathon back-to back meetings- some relative flexibility of time during the week while my friends do the 9 to 5 rotutine but come weekends and holiday periods, the tables are certainly turned!!

So what do I do to make up for fun? I usually take time out in a year to see the people whose time I did not really have when they came into town and also give myself a yearly treat of visiting a place I have never been before, this year it was Dubai, next year who knows, Venice
or Vegas.

Na wa o!Its Christmas day sha..
The thought of the packed office calendar of events as we are cruising through the 'ember' months just made me  think up  this diary entry.I'll say though, I am very grateful to have people entrust their holiday season events to us- after all , God pikin must wack, abi? 



Anonymous,  26 October 2010 at 23:42  

I really enjoy reading your diaries, this post actually made me feel sorry for wedding planners,it didn't occur to me that while I'm busy ranting at ushers at events ,they are missing out on places they will rather be.nice post,in

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