Midweek Musings: Eye Candy-Stylin'-The Side note and an Award.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Eye Candy*
Jejely flipping through(more like clicking through online magazines) bridal style magazines, came across this beautiful! wedding dress and had to share  with you... eye candy surely, enjoy!

The Bells & Whistle Dress: 2011  Look Book, www.verawangonweddings.com
Stylin' the Bride**

Like I would only put up a paragraph! Onto the real gist,so remember that crooner, that one,WC, Wande Coal - 'You bad'? That one, I know many more girls felt affirmed when he sang for both the Lepas and Orobos,unusually inclusive considering the norm.

Variety being the spice of life, we know brides come in a broad range of sizes,all the more beautiful because their grooms fell in love with them just the way that they look( and he isn't going to love you more just because you change that, not that being loved more isn't always welcome ;-). I did say its the midweek musings!

We've worked with full figured brides (some would say fat, brand new heavies, orobos, plus size) who are at the beginning  of the dress selection process are skeptical of being treated like crap because they aren't  a size 2.  What is usually inevitable in  99.9%  of such cases (where style and common sense prevail) is that most brides look just as gorgeous and radiant on their wedding days regardless of the body shape in question!

The style and common sense bit? Here's what one fashionista has to say, "If you think something makes you look fat, it most probably does. If you're not comfortable with the dress you try on (too tight, too much cleavage, untoned arms, ati bebe lo), change it because you'll be constantly worrying over how you look when wearing it."

However, just because  that wedding dress doesn't "fit" the way the designer intended, doesn't mean bigger women can't wear them.We've searched around (long and hard, high and low,up and down, you catch the drift) for wedding dresses and styles for the plus sized  bride.Enjoy and please keep reading after the pictures for the side note.
Bara Luxe:Champagne you!
Believe it or not, its David's Bridal

Able to bare your arms ?Alfred Angelo

From Red Carpet to Church Aisle
Got curves? Wrap and accentuate it-Mori Lee
Simply Beautiful Click Here
Sincerity Bridals- courtesy www.modestia.stblogs.com
Going Formal? You'll love IGIGI
You already wear 'up and down' anyway, so go for  BOLD!
'Tailor lo ran' is just as good too
The Side Note*** Although there may be a lot of emphasis on all things 'wedding day' on this blog, the really important thing always is having a happy marriage and  peace of mind.That said,our resident married person on our editorial board informs us that it does pay to go into the this thing called marriage at a size you are very happy with, because once you say 'I do' and all that happiness and love comes home to roost, its very easy to chop up ;-).Then comes the need to really maintain a healthy weight as is the need to maintain a happy marriage!

Finally,coming soon****
It's been a wonderful year and we've worked collaboratively with our regular event vendors, some newly discovered vendors but more importantly some  premium quality vendors we have the experience of working with and are happy to recommend to you. It's all coming together and a select number of  vendors  who have excelled in their various areas will make it to our top 10 list. Look out  for this soon!


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