Its all in the Details: Flower Power

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Flowers are really versatile and  are such an important part of weddings and events! 
The flowers we used for this beach wedding were just perfect!
Ditto this  head table at Muson Centre,Lagos
Just think;

•    bouquets for the bride and her bridesmaids
•    flowers for the both sets of parents
•    buttonholes for the groom and his attendants
•    decorations for the pews or end of the aisle
•    free-standing arrangements at the ceremony venue
•    free-standing arrangements at the reception venue
•    table arrangements at the reception venue
•    floral decoration for the cake.

Haa!Bet you hadn’t even thought of some of these uses! Of, course there are brides who do not like flowers in their décor plans or even as bouquets at all.
The Ruby Red bouquet looks fabulous on this JW bride.
Anyway, if you like flowers, you’ll like these tips ;-)

Once you’ve got your venues all booked, make sure your preferred florist will be available on your event date- this is of course after shopping around as all sharp brides know to do! Decide how much you want to spend and take along pictures of arrangements you'd like.
We used flowers as the focal point of this reception at Civic Center,Lagos
The flowers were used to add a pop of colour at this reception in Kaduna
This bride wanted a romantic fairytale 
If the bill you are presented with is too high, don’t panic, you can start extravagantly and then gradually remove a bit of this or that until  you are happy.

When you visit it will be helpful to have the bridal gown style and color and that of the bridesmaids - they will dictate the style of the bouquets.

Grill your florist until you are  satisfied. Ask to see photographs of their work - look for a creativity of designs.You should be comfortable with the florist and only agree if the florist seems to understand your ideas rather than  trying to force a tradition on you (same applies with bakers, on a side note).

 If it’s your planner organizing this, be aware that while your orders may be clear to your planner, the negotiations may change what you eventually get on your day. Word of advice? At least attend the final consultation meeting with the florist.

If you are getting married in a tropical place like Nigeria, Make sure the flowers can stand the  hot weather - you certainly don’t want them looking wilted and droopy half-way through the day.
Remember to have all agreements well documented to  include all charges like delivery and arrangement. Also make sure they know where your venue is and you are agreed on what floral substitutes the florists can make.

Choosing your Colors- anything goes really as long as it is a great accent to whatever color palette you have going. The important thing to know is that  the arrangements should have depth and contrast. So lots of  materials, shapes and textures even if its one color. You can also make the ribbons the texture and color you want.

Do remember  to keep your bouquet in proportion to your size. Like people, bouquets come in lots of styles, some using more flowers than others, so bear this in mind if on a budget.A petite bride may look overwhelmed by a large, cascading  bouquet in addition to it being heavy to carry!

On a strict,strict budget or just want to be savvy?
•    Allow the florist to choose the best value on the day in the style and colour you want rather than choosing a specific flower

•    Rather than flowers on every table at the reception, use a large arrangement for the high table and or every other table. Alternatively, use flowers along the walkway on stands  or entry arches- that’s the first thing people will see when they walk through and they look great in pictures! 
Flower use on walkway arches- Federal Palace  Hotel, Lagos
Our Tiffany Bride handmade these paper flowers

•    Bouquets and buttonholes can be limited to people (i.e bridal train) who will be in the most important photos… sorry bro!
•    You can always use the best grade quality artificial flowers, if not for all arrangements then a mix. It means you get to keep your arrangements for a long time, can give them away at the end of the day or have more people have flowers- here you go bro!

•    Flowers from your own (or someone else's) garden also work but you may have to go with simple designs/arrangements if you don’t have them in the quality or quantity needed.
There you go! Have fun with your choice of blooms.


ruby,ghana,  26 October 2010 at 23:44  

Love the pictures,especially the second one.your blog feels like a wedding magazine. I really like it.

Anonymous,  11 October 2011 at 04:12  

are you guys responsible for the indian themed wedding?

Anonymous,  11 October 2011 at 04:13  

ARe you responsible for the indian themed wedding in the 6th picture?

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