Monday, 25 June 2012

History has it that perfume, whose name is from the Latin profumum, "through smoke", was  originally reserved for the gods. Perfumes governs us in ways we cannot understand.
To start your wedding day, its better to smell fine and here are a few wedding perfumes that are in trend, for you to make a pick for that special day.

This is specially suitable  for gorgeous brides. It has a floral fragrance of french rose, lily, ginger, marigold, violet, oak moss, and mush combined in a classic and very feminine composition.

 Sunny and elegant. Its scent opens with bright Mediterranean citrus notes of orange and bergamot, and deepens into patchoul-and-vanilla cloud. It goes from sweet to sexy over several hours.
Be the wedding princess of your dreams in this classic designer fragrance. It is a fresh and pretty blend of white floral, it is a beautifully elegant perfume for a classic bride.

Beautiful perfume is a masterful blend of more than 200 unique ingredients to give every bride the chance to smell a little differently on that special day. It is a gorgeous concoction of soft flowers, vanilla and precious woods which is deeply romantic and feminine.

Since in the 1990s, brides have been falling for J'Adore. it melds the lush scents of orchid and violet with the sweetness of orange, vanilla and cassis. This, a playful choice for your wedding day..

Kenzo flower is an updated oriental perfume for the modern bride. It is mixed with tones of vanilla, white musk and opopanax  mixed with notes of Bulgarian rose, violet and cassia.


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Somerset Wedding Girl 11 February 2015 at 02:19  

My niece has Vera Wang Princess, it's quite a youthful scent, perfect for a bridesmaid!

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