Q&A:I Love him ,but why must i get married ?

Thursday, 28 June 2012

We have decided to come up with a Question and Answer session here, so we can share every bride's feeling towards some certain wedding trends.  Today, i would be starting with a very paramount question, and await hearing from you. 
  l love my boyfriend/girlfriend a lot, must we get married  ?



Anonymous,  28 June 2012 at 05:54  

Time! A series of delicate interrelated exchanges that progress from one to another ,the same with nature and her four seasons as the passing of time brings changes from one experience to another from spring to summer, the yellow leaves of autumn and the snow white cover of winter and in the tropics the wet season and the dry season, little difference with man as the circle of life brings about cycles of change with the passage of each moment, from birth to infancy, adolescents, full maturity and old age
As the interchange of experiences from one cycle to another in “mans” existence so do the needs change.
with the coming of age and the entrance into maturity “man” finds the longing for long term companionship, the need for a confidant, a trustee, the expression of passion without inhibition, the desire to a part of something special and a commitment beyond the fleeting fancies of a moments glance, the pressing desire to be romanticized and the flush of emotions to be sustained,the desire to give to someone else within the confines of safety,would be reasons why a man/woman would want to marry

Mmakamba,  28 June 2012 at 13:38  

Love, family , companionship fear of being alone forever .....

Anonymous,  29 June 2012 at 06:12  

Mmabamka wrote, LOVE and Family... I can get that by just having kids and not having to deal with the MARRIAGE INSTITUTION... But the holy book speak marriage and morals therefore i think that is what will hold me down to settle for it.

Tanka 29 June 2012 at 14:25  

Honestly,to have a lovevly wedding all eyes on me,that's really why I would marry and not continue with my partner.

Anonymous,  29 June 2012 at 14:27  

I don't know why you should get married if you don't want to,marriage is a personal thing,it must feel and look right.

Anonymous,  1 July 2012 at 16:41  

&A- because people are their own worst enemies- i know someone who got married late and she was so insanely jealous of her younger cousin with kids, it was unreal. She met a gbomoya guy and within 3 months they were married,throwing all caution toe the wind.Clearly, she felt she 'MUST' get married.
That same person then started gossiping ever so causally about her unmarried cousin and the single ladies she knows. As if her marriage was worth the licence it was signed on. Then her Mum jumps in with how she feels so sorry for people with unmarried daughters- yo would think they all had the decency to keep their mouths shut but its a case of I-better-pass-you that makes people feel it's a must. Hypocrites and envious people disguised as concerned relatives keep the cycle going

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