Monday, 18 July 2011

I have been asked to write this  by not a few people who have always wondered what is in the Eru Iyawo and what the significance is.I will start from a typical yoruba wedding.The youruba Tribe is found  in south west Nigeria Africa.The groom and his family are given a list of things(Eru Iyawo) months before of what is required from them to be eligable for Marriage.On the Engagement Day, the Things are usually wrapped in the colors of the day and exhibited in the most stylish way.
We got an expert on wrapping of the gifts to tell us about what is usually found in them and what they signify. 

    • Holy Quran/Bible-bride’s guiding book in marriage
      2 decanter bottle filled with honey Box(filled with clothes)-The bride being trendy in her new home with the new clothes
      Umbrella-indicates complete protection from God
      2 bottles of original honey-This signifies sweetness in the marriage
      4 cartoons of water-items to be shared as gifts among in laws
      4 cartoons of assorted juice- same as above
      4 cartoons of canned drinks- same as above
      Biscuits & Sweets – same as above especially for the younger ones.
      42 eja osan-(smoked  Fish)one of the most expensive type of fish for the in-laws
      42 tubers of yam-signifies plenty of food to go round in-laws
      42 obi ajoopa(kolanut)-They are used as prayer aids which is a custom
      42 orogbo(bitter Kola)- signifies the couples growing old together
      42 ataare(aligator pepper)-Prayer aids
      1  goat-This was used in the days of our fore fathers to appease the gods
      1 bag of salt-denotes abundance of salt in the marriage because salt never finishes in a good home
      1 bag of rice-food for the family
      1 keg of groundnut oil or palm oil-Food for the family
      Baskets of fruits-signifies plenty children in the house both sexes
      aadun inside dish-denotes joy in the new marriage
      1 roll of st louis sugar –denotes sweetness in the marriage.
      2 sets of shoe&bag
      2 sets of lace with gele
      2 sets of woodin/Ankara
      Set of gold jewelry (optional)
      Muslim rosary(Muslims only)
      prayer mat(Muslims only)
      white hijab(Muslims only)
      praying kettle(Muslims only
    Many Thanks to Omowunmi Abayomi Johnson for this article's details. 
    Eru Iyawo Concepts
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Anonymous,  21 July 2011 at 04:57  

Eru iyawo is something i look out 4 when i go for engagement ceremony, cos there is a gist that surround the eru iyawo, some say it tell who the family of the is or what they are worth. Like in the Eastern part of nigeria, eru iyawo can cut an arm and a leg.

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