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Sunday, 5 September 2010

While selecting pictures for the last post on Real Weddings, I came across a picture of a guest looking so stunning, I was tempted to write up a post on wedding guests only! But I do know we all have our different strengths and talents. I would be doing readers of this blog a better service if the right person wrote about styles, trends and looks. Today's Stylish Observer is a guest blogger who some readers will know already. ChicTherapy is a fashion blogger who knows the Nigerian wedding scene well and she graciously agreed to put a look book together. Meanwhile please enjoy our first style post (and mind our comment policy)!  

The "Ber" months are here again and soon December will grace us with its wonderful presence. December is the time we all come together and usually attend a myriad of events. Most importantly, December is the month of weddings and in Nigeria, wedding is synonymous with 'carnival'!
A typical Naija wedding, is where you run into all your friends and even match up the faces you have been seeing on Facebook.In true Naija fashion, everyone is dressed to nines, ready to impress and have a fab time. It really is the time to look your hottest after all you never know which upcoming photographer will be taking your picture and uploading it to their Facebook portfolio and for the single ladies, that might just be the wedding you meet Mr.Right ;-)
By now, I am sure a lot of us ladies, have picked the weddings you will be crashing (lol) and are already contemplating what to wear. To help you look you fabulous, I will be highlighting wedding guest looks that are sure to give you a total glammed up look.

Little black dress: As cliche as it may sound, you can never go wrong with a black dress. They are extremely flattering and they look good on all body types. As we all know, neons & brights have been big this year and for that vibrant pop of colour, you could complete this look with a neon or jewel tone shoes.
The short number: Short dresses have been a favorite of the ladies for a while now.So put on that super cute short number, let down your hair, adorn yourself with a fabulous statement jewelry and your are sure to get that perfect glam look.

Florals & Abstract Prints: Blossom your way into a wedding this December by wearing a floral or abstract print.They are fun and easy to wear as they do not need much accessorizing (you can save all your fab accessories for the next wedding). Worn the right way , you are sure to be the prettiest flower in the garden.

The long number: Wearing a floor length dress is a way to stand out at a Nigerian wedding. You however, want to make sure the dress is not bridesmaid-ish.It is best to leave your neck bare, since you are covered up already. A striking statement earing will make up for the bare neck. With a sleek up do and some fabulous make up you will look stunning and radiate sophistication.

Mellow chic: Hues like Beige, champagne,rose,ivory, blush and sand have been big this year. A common way to wear this shade is to pair it up with metallics shoes or a color in the neutral family.You could however, wear it with a contrasting colour like red. With hot smoky eyes , red lipstick (for the brave ones) you will look every inch, the classy lady that you already are.

ChicTherapy says, " There are lots of wonderful tailors out there who will 'knock out ' these outfits or similar styles for you. The important thing is knowing what suits your personality and size". If you have a tailor/seamstress/Obioma whatever you call them who is really good and you can vouch for, by all means give them a stamp of approval by recommending them on here! 

Have an inspired week ahead!

All images are from polyvore and for more information on the pieces seen here:

The long number:


Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 12:21  

I love the short dresses best...these are fantastic! So many dresses to choose from, I feel I'm in a sweet shop and yes, I've started organizing my Dece. baffs... that effortless style is well planned for o!!!

Yemstix,  7 September 2010 at 10:32  

I would wear every single one of these dresses! Chic Therapy knows her stuff

Anonymous,  7 September 2010 at 13:42  

I love all the dresses! Wish i had them allllll. Hehe, well done Chic Therapy!

Olori,  8 September 2010 at 08:25  

sigh.. I love this bloggggggggg... its a breath of fresh air on Naija weddings...Thank you Molly

funke bucknor obruthe,  1 October 2010 at 12:44  

well done

Anonymous,  16 March 2013 at 20:58  

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