...and he proposed!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Gbolahan and i had been dating for six years and i have always been looking at the day we would get married. He was actually sweeter than i thought. He called me one thursday evening to take me out to have dinner in a restaurant at ThePalms (cafe verragnon). After we had eaten the main meal, to my suprise, he ordered for a cake (which was very unusual because i know he doesn't like cakes). When the waiter brought the cake to him, i snatched it from him and quickly deep my furk into it.
Then i realised there was something steel inside. I dived it out and  was shocked to see a ring and a note, asking if i would marry him.
I could not even utter a word.
I looked up at him only to find him on his knees...
                                                                        ...and he proposed!


Anonymous,  14 October 2012 at 08:28  

Ouch! So sweet and sound cute... I wud have love a life feed if am in your shoes so as to view to make me feel relax always. JWI, please post Rolayo wedding pictures. Thanks

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