The Real Deal:Cheap vs. Chic

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

All things considered, a wedding ring is one of the first signs you look for  to determine if a person is married. There could be  some controversy as to what  the quality of your wedding ring  says about you (see this old, hilarious post on the WeddingVogue blog and the heated comments which followed). Basically in this post, an anonymous commenter said:

" I always judge a chick's husband by the type of rings she has on..." 
and someone says,
" a man shd steal or wat??? no comment" and another comment said,
" the anon that said she judges a man by the ring his wife is wearing, how vain and downright petty. "

Well first anon was having none of it and comes back with (wait for this) -
"Dont hate, dont hate! I do have a right to my opinion... if you have a cheap looking ring and you love it, hell if you have any ring at all...and you love it good for you! if i judge a man by the ring his wife wears, whats it to you?QUIET IN THE CHEAP SEATS PLEASE"

Ok to read the whole debate, see here

Not sure which side of the ring you sit on (pun intended :-) but would you wear this ring? :Solitaire Platinum engagement ring $46,200.00
 Or this one?
Believe it or not CZ ring -$26.00
But seriously, would you consider this ring regardless of price or authenticity? Diamonique Set $68.00
 Would it make a difference to you if your man got you this AND would you tell anyone it was man-made diamonds? Guys, do you love your wife less because you got her a cheaper very affordable yet beautiful ring?

Answers on a post card please!


esohe,  18 August 2011 at 08:13  

I actually prefer the cz ring!but truth is I won't tell anyone it was fake.I would want my man to be upfront with me though and don't care if that's what he can afford!na wa for ms quiet in the cheap seats o. 18 August 2011 at 09:28  

For me, I would accept the best he can afford. There's no hard rule that the ring cannot be changed at a later date. A small, good quality stone will always be preferred to a big, fake one. I like to sleep well at night, consumer debt has never sat well with me so yes the best he can afford.

Anonymous,  18 August 2011 at 15:19  

Give me the $40k ring jo!I'll take it as insurance ;+)

Chic Therapy 18 August 2011 at 15:24  

personally, i dont care about rings, rocks and their sizes!You can give me a ring made out of a coca cola can

Anonymous,  18 August 2011 at 18:57  

I think the ideal position is taking the best he can afford but taking something genuine. Some people would rather have other precious gems like rubies and sapphires. It is a little tacky to get a huge showy CZ stone.

baberuth,  18 August 2011 at 23:31  

ChicTherapy,you've got the right attitude IMHO.I'm the same-quality of relationship over external signs.if he can afford it and that's the level we are used to fine but a huge rock sure didn't help jlo and marc(snarky,I know)!

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