Rants by Gbemi:The Strapless Gown

Saturday, 18 June 2011

When I got married 7 years ago I wore a very heavily beaded strapless gown. One of the things I especially liked about the gown was the way it clung to my body especially at the bust area. People say that ‘The Strapless Gown’ is for the thin/slim people and this is not true. If properly fitted even a size 28 can work that dress.
My rant to day is about all the strapless wedding gowns that have not been fitted properly prior to the big day. We are tired of seeing your boobies almost falling out because you have not been properly fitted or you have bought the wrong size ;)
Here are some tips:
• If you put your dress on and you still have your boobies under your armpits –
• If you put your dress on and you cannot do a bend forward dance (fear of the boobies falling out or showing) –
• If you put your dress on and there is space around the chest area –
• If you put your dress on and the only thing not revealed is your nipple –
• If you put your dress up and you cannot do the arms up dance (fear of a pop out) –
The truth is majority of us know when the dress has some issues; even you will not be comfortable. What’s the point paying good money for a dress you cannot enjoy? Many people say there dresses are ordered and no one in Nigeria can alter.
Please hold me to it, my personal recommendation even for the most expensive dress ever for alteration and fitting – Valerie David’s (Kehinde Ejiogu)

Jw inspired is asking is there really anything wrong in wearing a strapless dress to church or your ceremonial site ?Should brides always be covered up?


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