Love conquers all

Monday, 23 May 2011

 Planning Tomi’s wedding was quite interesting as the bride was a planner herself. Of course in planning any event there are bound to be differences here and there but it was a wedding i absolutely loved.
With the help of my dearest friend Yewande of sara o, the event designer, who did not hesitate to call me up at 2am in the morning!.....All just to make sure our Princess Tomi had her fairytale themed wedding as both Tomi and Toro are from royal Families. 
It was a day of fun mixed with glitz ,glamour and paparazzi with stars such as Ice Prince, Tiwa Savage, Wande Coal, Banky  W and Freeze as the MC, just to mention a few that were there to spice up the occasion. 
It was indeed a celebration of love and a truly unforgettable experience, one which can only be described as OLEKU.
Date: 18th December,2010
Venue: The Landmark Village,Oniru Estate.
Wedding deco: SARA O
Engagement Deco: Justweddings
Special effect: Just Weddings
Photos: Atunbi and eetomi photograhy
Ice Sculpture: Social Couture

Ice Prince

Wande Coal

Photo booth by eetomi

Add caption

taking a chill Atunbi

Tiwa Savage


Crystal-Eyez 1 June 2011 at 09:38  

Absolutely beautifully done!

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