Diary of a wedding planner:Help i want to fire my wedding planner!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Dear diary 
So many times i hear i fired my wedding planner.I think wedding planners are a waste of time and money.Sometimes I wonder if i fall into the category of a bad  wedding planner, people have many nightmare stories about how evil some wedding planners are. Some go crazy once you mention you are a wedding planner.
I was talking with a client the other day and as usual the vendor was to come pick up his cheque from us. The vendor told the client immediately that he would not pick up any cheque from any planner. I really think that was rude, but guess what, i don't blame him, i guess he has been burnt. 
There are several vendors i have met who don't like to make any contact or dealing with event planners and you wonder why is this so? I know and I sometimes have fallen into something similar when a worker of mine does not document properly, this sometimes backfire.
I had a terrible incidence last year with a wedding planner and her bride. We were the event decorator for this event though she never made any direct contact with me, it was always her wedding planner and her husband to be that I spoke with.
From the past experiences, i have learnt to always document what both parties describe and decide and have the two parties sign. 
It is the best way to safe guard yourself and protect your clients interest.
The bride arrives with her planner and says what the planner told us was not what she wanted and spent 6 hours screaming in my office! 
I believe this could have been avoided if everything had been well laid out and gone over by both parties. The planner told us the bride wanted silk flowers only but for the bride to calls me the next day saying she had  noticed we used silk flowers the previous day has her sample and was hoping that was not what we will be using that she had said fresh flowers! fresh flowers!!! how could that be possible? 
Her planner had never mentioned that so what could i do? she came into my office with her mum and father scattering everywhere and breaking my window, just because i had said i was not told she wanted fresh flower by her planner, who happened to be in MIA
Now this to me was a terrible thing, the bride can never ever ever recommend that anyone should use a planner and am sure thats why vendors don't like us they say we create more trouble than peace.
So seriously what can be done? why are there so many people spoiling the name wedding  planner !
I am not saying i am a saint either however i think what should be done is ask around for the accredited wedding planners and also ask for recommendation from their past jobs.
Most of my brides will tell you my good points and definitely my bad ones!Not to say i have not had my own bad experiences!
Then you decide if you will like to work with them
off my head i will give a few companies i know that are credible to create your event hitch free.
Zapphaire events
Oaken events
Stencil events
Elizabeth R
No surprises
Silver platter events
Enthyst events
Suzannie Events
Ball events
Senatra Events
Just to mention a few.
I will assume you should not have any problems with the few mentioned but really planners lets all start trying to set the record straight and give ourselves a better name.what say you all?


Gbemisola Adenekan 17 April 2011 at 13:19  

Hi All,
Molara thank you for this, this is a problem that is on-going. i will address this in 2 parts.
1. There are so many event planners in Nigeria now, trained, experienced, no idea, no clue, i think i can do it, i have connections etc All types of planners. The bad planners give good planners a bad name. Unfortunately clients sometimes fall victims because they are looking for CHEAP or they have not verified their so called planners.
2. APPOEMN - Association of professional party planners and Event managers of Nigeria has been registered. The website will be up in a few weeks. for now visit www.appoemn.blogspot.com
Please planners join, new and old - we will weather the storm. We have to stand as one, encourage one another and we need to keep training/developing ourselves and employees. One last thing always be professional in all you do. Cheers

Anonymous,  18 April 2011 at 18:39  

At the end of the day, you planners are your own worst enemies:

From speaking ill about yourselves all in a bid to win a client over - personal experience with a so called top event planner who spoke so badly of another planner it put me off using her.

You guys complain about mediocrity, but one or some of yu runs a training school and churns out these 'graduates' every 5 minutes so who is to blame really?

From a vendors perspective, i dont blame them, i paid a decorator once for some items, i noticed they were missing on the day of my event. she gave the impression that the supplier didn't turn up.... i happened to meet tge supplier randomly only to find out she was never paid and d decorator had cancelled on her 3 days before.

Livingstone,  1 May 2011 at 08:47  

I sense bad belle here...lol

Anonymous,  17 May 2011 at 02:14  

well said..it's not a matter of bad belle. Anonymous you are so right.

kennady 11 March 2013 at 00:35  

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