And He Proposed

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

And He Proposed
We have been together for a while, but as to when and how it happened, nothing prepared me for it. I had a job for a client at a location on the island, so he came over to meet me. The location was close to a harbor which supplied us with sweet evening breeze and beautiful scenery for the evening. On his arrival I noticed that he had an envelope in his hand and a worried look on his face. At first I thought it was something to do with my birthday, which was a couple of days away.
When I finally asked him what the problem was he told me that my birthday was two days away and that he is not willing to continue as my boyfriend. At that point he went down on one knee and brought out a rose which had a ring in it. I WAS SHOCKED! So shocked, I lost it completely that I wept like a baby and forgot to say yes! Any way I was so ecstatic that I told the story over and over again to everyone that cared to listen. This is my story.

Back in the days, marriage proposals were not like that at all. A man finds a woman his choice, woos her secretly then goes on to propose to her parents to hand their daughter to him. In some other countries, the man goes on to kidnap the daughter from her parents. One that is still in wide practice is when the parents hook the children up with a spouse of their choice, whether or not they liked it (and they dare not refuse). But with the coming of western civilization, power has moved from the hands of the parents to the children. Simply put, to get a life partner of your choice you have to convince her! This day is a very special one for her and you really have to ensure that you’re doing the right things to get the right results. Let us see the different types of marriage proposal we can choose form;
·         Traditional: This type usually involves the man going on his knee (whether one or both) to propose the ring to her.
·         Public: This is a great way to show her off to the world and make her head swell. It can be in a popular or crowded gathering such as, stadium, park, cinema or even a wedding.
·         Private: If you are a private person and you want a romantic touch to your love story, then this is absolutely for you. A private dinner setup oat a romantic location will help make your proposal effortless.
·         Special Occasions: Proposing to your spouse during the holidays like during family reunions is one very effective way to make her forget the words. One of the most popular holidays with a high proposal ratio is the Christmas and Valentine’s Day celebrations.
For every kind of personality there is a type of proposal that suites you, so just look and choose. Good luck.
NB: I hope to make this column interactive and so I encourage you share your experience with us. I will be glad to post them on the blog.Soi throw this out to the crowd How did he propose???????


Danielle,  9 March 2011 at 03:18  

Cool write up! Is that him?? I mean your hubby??? Just curious

Anonymous 10 March 2011 at 06:32  

my was a story to be told,i just noticed he started coming up with excuses for us not to see and canceling dates which really use to get on my nerves. There for i reported him to a friend of ours who says he will sort things out, three days after a friend of mine called that i am slacking on my guy that he his throwing a party for his new catch. You should all know by now that i will be mad, so don't ask, i dressed up and plan to gate crash looking my best cos i was wondering what she has got that i don't. To cut the story short the party was my proposal bash. Is really good to look back and tell your story. THANKS FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY.

ufy,  12 July 2012 at 07:25  

awwwwww....this is an amazing love story!!!!

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