Fabulous Ideas: Decor frames

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

One of the things, we at Just Wedings-JWEvents are always looking for, is fresh ideas that let us wow our clientele. This means keep our eyes out for new trends, reading tons of blogs, magazines, browsing decor sites, you name! Its tiring sometimes (not!) but it is worth it when you see an idea which literally screams your name!
The girls at Rockmywedding recently blogged about a DIY photo booth we think is absolutely charming!! One can really run with this idea using it as a design frame either for a focal point or even as a more practical prop. I can just visualize this kind of screen to cordon off the service or drinks point. It shouldn't get too dirty since the wallpaper is facing your guests/the main reception area.  

Here's other creative examples where frames have been used on a grand scale!
Image from Bizbash.com
This is an idea we'll certainly be trying to see if our local carpenter can knock out. Some wallpaper or heavy brocade will add the rest of the needed oomph!!
Here's a background frame our trusty carpenter made for one of our decor jobs. Its just the right size for the head table but I'm interested to see more interpretations of decor frames.

 What do you think?


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