Diary of a Wedding Planner: Saying No!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

 Imaginary Boat Friends

I think over the years, professionally this is one thing is what I've learnt to do. Say NO, that is! Yes spell it out- N-O,NO!!
Dramatic I know. It wasn't always like this. I used to be overly excited to do all jobs, I would say yes to any job that comes my way. Till I learnt the hard way.

Till I learnt to put my food down – remembering that when everything comes crashing down I would be held responsible. I've also learnt that some people come begging for discounts and you agree, just because. Still these are usually the pushiest clients and they suddenly switch up on the cute, puppy dog eyes and all you hear is '…after all, I've paid you!". I don't do discounts blindly anymore.

I've certainly learnt that at each event there will always be people who don't have the slightest clue on event management. They might come in the form of the aunty of the aunt's bride's friend's cousin, the band boys, the best friend of the caterer!
In this case, it was the bride's friend who had to show off that he was a member of a prestigious boat club in Lagos. There I was on the phone talking to the vendor supplying the drinks to the venue in Lekki Penninsula. This bride's friend asked me to find out where the vendor was and I replied that they were at Falomo Bridge (sorry if you are unfamiliar with all these names!). He began shouting, saying the drinks would never get to the venue on time, the Friday traffic would never allow it!! So he takes the phone from me! And tells the drinks vendor to take the drinks to the boat club and load the drinks unto his boat.

HIS BOAT???He didn't even have one! We had to rent a canoe to carry the drinks chest filled with thousands of bottles and ice blocks. How dumb could I have been!! Anything could have happened over the water. I called my mum SOOOOOOOOO many times in the 45 minutes it took them to cross the lagoon ;-( I can assure you it was the longest 45 minutes ever!
The drinks finally came and what if I tell you there was no harbor, nowhere for the boat to dock! The distance between the water and land was about 14 feet. 14 feet!! I had to think on the spot and so hired some guys I saw around there to help us lift the ice chest. It was an ordeal though- some drinks fell in the water, some people got injured, slipping under the weight of the drinks. We however did make it in time and all the drinks were set up in time for the arrival of the first guests.
Just another day in my life as an event planner.The friend never apologized for his butting in or conjuring his fabulous, yet to be seen boat. You can say I learnt the hard way and so now, No on some issues is No,No,No! It helps that I totally trust my instincts ;-)




Amaka,  1 September 2010 at 15:31  

ROTFL! Please are for real? did this happen??

Anonymous,  1 September 2010 at 15:42  

I can imagine only imagine how long that 45mniutes was..lol...so what did the bride say..did she know about it?

Jessica,  1 September 2010 at 15:59  

Kpele! But I always thought that there were ferries in Lagos?

Crystal-Eyez 8 September 2010 at 13:22  

LMAOOOOO! This is the funniest story ever! LOL that some drinks fell in the water. Too funny! I love this blog!

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